Bitcoin Monkeys

Nov 27 2021

Bitcoin Monkeys

... | 2500 minted

STX Mint Price: 45 STX

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About the collection About the collection


A limited collection of 2500 Bitcoin Monkeys were found within a mysterious jungle – each unique in their own way and part of a monkey community. Each NFT giving access to a range of benefits and membership to a secret club found within the jungle.

Being successful entrepreneurs in the traditional world, failure is not an option for us – neither is being second best! We will ensure we not only bring amazing artwork with an international artist team, but also a unique and game changing roadmap, providing holders of Bitcoin Monkeys increasing value and utility.

When you own a Bitcoin Monkey, you aren’t just a holder of another art piece. You are gaining exclusive membership to the Jungle Club, whose benefits, events and offerings will increase over time. Your Bitcoin Monkey will open doors as we embark on our journey and you as the community drive the creation of the future perks and roadmaps!

Come swing with us!


Twitter: @BTCMonkeys


NFT’s from this collection NFT’s from this collection

Bitcoin Monkey 1Bitcoin Monkey 2Bitcoin Monkey 3Bitcoin Monkey 4Bitcoin Monkey 5Bitcoin Monkey 5Bitcoin Monkey 5Bitcoin Monkey 5Bitcoin Monkey 5

About the Artist About the Artist


Bitcoin Monkeys was created by three monkeys across 3 different continents – a truly experienced and global team – that came together to open the Jungle Club and do some serious monkey things!