Stacks Parrots

Nov 2 2021

Stacks Parrots

NaN | 402 minted

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Mint Price 28 stx

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About the collection About the collection


🦜 The Stacks Parrots are no ordinary birds!

402 squawkers who are worth their weight in gold.

These parrots when minted in pairs (even numbers) can breed special parrots in the future.

Every parrot is valuable. Every parrot is built on Stacks and secured by Bitcoin.

Each parrot plays their part in the pandemonium.

The parrots are ready for take off! Are you going to join them??

NFT’s from this collection NFT’s from this collection

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About the Artist About the Artist


@StacksParrots are a worldwide team. We are based out of Malaysia, Australia, England and Spain! There are so many wonderful creative minds in this team! We want to fly to the moon with you.