Aroura Storm

Oct 31 2021

Aroura Storm

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An aurora storm is like nothing else on earth. Green and red hues dance across the sky creating dancing pillars of colors in the heavens. If you're imagining the snowy plains of Canada, or the ice covered fjords of Norway, I have some news for you. The Aurora Borealis isn’t the only show in town.

That's right, the aurora phenomenon isn't restricted to the northern hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere plays host to the Aurora Australis or "Southern Lights". This particular midnight show was from the quaint southern island of New Zealand on the shores of Lake Hawea. Nestled in the center of the Southern Alps, this majestic lake has some of the darkest skies in the world during her winter months. When the aurora shoots it's tendrils from her home on Antarctica, it travels much further than her northern counterpart, creating different visible light and formations. So whereas the northern lights get green and blue hues with ribbons of light, the southern aurora sees green, red, and even purple pillars stretching into the heavens.

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